Discipleship Groups

We are committed to learning and living the scriptures at LHNC. We want to create an environment of trust and vulnerability where men and women can grow together in their walk with Jesus Christ. We have found that small discipleship groups are best for this type of intimate growth and fellowship. We realize that scheduling may be an issue so we are committed to forming new groups that are sensitive to both time and location. Our goal is to form several groups that cater to the needs of the individuals of our church and community. We currently have men's and women's discipleship groups meeting throughout Richmond. 

Women’s Groups                                                                   Men’s Groups


Tuesday Evening                                                                  Tuesday Evening

                                      6:30-7:30pm via Zoom                                                         6:30pm at LHNC

     Leader: Sophia                                                               Leader: Pastor Syria 


                                              Wednesday Morning                                                             Wednesday Evening

                                   10am-11:30am via Zoom                                                         6:30pm @LHNC

                                     Leaders: Hege & Josie                                                          Leader: Pastor Dave

                                         Wednesday Evening                                                              Thursday Morning

       6:30pm @ 615 Western Dr                                         11:30-1pm @ Sukie’s Restaurant

               Leader: Tammy                                                    2400 El Portal Dr - San Pablo CA

                                                                                          Leaders: Justin & Andrew 

                                               Thursday Evening

                                         6:30pm via Zoom

                                             Leader: Mary


*If none of these days/times work for your schedule or if you would like to get involved with one of the above groups, please email Pastor Dave @ pastordave@lhnchurch.org